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How much does my MargTini hold? The MargTini holds 10 oz of your favorite margarita or martini!


How much does my Rocks Tumbler hold? Your Rocks Tumbler holds 12 oz of your favorite mixed drink without the lid and 10.5 oz with the lid! Fun fact: The Rocks Tumbler fits perfectly under the BrüTank tap!


How much does my Highball hold? Your Highball holds 12 oz of your favorite mixed drink without the lid and 10.5 oz with the lid!

Glitter Flask

How much does my Glitter Flask hold? The Glitter Flask holds 5 oz of your favorite liquor. How do I clean my Glitter Flask? We recommend cleaning your Glitter Flask after every use to keep in great condition!


Where is the shot glass on my Fifth? The lid on your Fifth Liquor Canteen can be used as a shot glass, nearly equal to your standard 50 ml shot. How much does my Fifth Liquor Canteen hold? The Fifth Liquor Canteen holds 25 oz of your favorite liquor.

Shaker Pint

How much does my Shaker Pint hold? The Shaker Pint holds 20 oz of your favorite alcohol. Note: It is not recommended to use any carbonated beverages when shaking your Shaker Pint. Does the Shaker Pint come with the regular Imperial Pint lid? Yes!


Do you offer a lid for the NOS'R? The NOS'R does not have a lid. It is uniquely designed to enhance the aroma and drinking experience. How much whiskey does the NOS'R hold? The NOS'R holds 7 oz of your favorite whiskey, bourbon, or scotch.

Liquor Canteen

How much does my Liquor Canteen hold? The Liquor Canteen holds 8 oz. Does the Liquor Canteen come with a funnel? Our Liquor Canteen does not come with a funnel. You can grab a collapsible silicone filling funnel so you don't miss a drop!