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VIP Rewards and Discount Code

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Join the BrüMate VIP Program for access to rewards, discounts, and more!


Where can I find my VIP discount code?

The VIP lifetime discount code changes periodically! You can find the most recent code in the Featured section of the BrüMate VIP Facebook Group. The code is located in the “Welcome to the BrüMate Community” post by Dylan.

Can I stack my VIP rewards?

At this time we cannot stack discount codes or rewards. If you’re looking for a bigger discount, we recommend saving up your points and utilizing the VIP discount code in the meantime!

Do my VIP rewards or discount codes expire?

BrüPoints (VIP) do not expire. However, once you redeem your VIP points into a discount code, that code will expire after 6 months. We recommend waiting to redeem until right before checkout!