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File A ClaimUpdated 8 days ago

How do I file a claim with Parcel Protection?

Filing a claim can be done very quickly through the Parcel Protection Claims Dashboard. You can choose to reship or refund when filing a claim.

Be sure to check the status of your shipment before starting a claim! Track Your Package Here.

Important Notes For Filing Your Claim:

  • You'll need your BrüMate Order ID (this starts with BM) and the email used to place the order.
  • If your order does not have Parcel Protection, please file a claim with the carrier directly.
  • BrüMate is not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged items during shipping. Please reach out to our customer experience team for more assistance.
  • Additional information may be required to complete your claim.

Claim Windows:

  • Orders that are lost in transit can be filed after 14 days in transit
  • Delivered packages that cannot be located can be filed 10 days after delivery
  • Damaged items that occurred in transit are eligible to file claims immediately
  • Orders received with the wrong or missing items are eligible to file claims 10 days after fulfillment

See our Parcel Protection FAQ page or reach out to our customer experience team at [email protected] if you need additional support with your protected order!

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