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Beer + Can Coolers

What fits your favorite beer can?

Hopsulator Trio

The Hopsulator Trio has three different ways it can be used. The Trio fits standard 16oz cans, standard 12oz cans with the included Arctic Adapter (the puck that you freeze prior to using), and as a pint glass with a lid.

Hopsulator Slim

The Hopsulator Slim fits nearly all* 12 oz slim style cans (Red Bull, White Claw, Truly, Michelob Ultra, etc). *The Hopsulator Slim does not fit Heineken.

Hopsulator Duo

The Hopsulator Duo has two different ways it can be used. The Duo fits standard 12 oz cans and comes with a lid to convert the Duo into a drinking glass. To convert the Duo into a glass, unscrew the gasket, pour your drink, and add the lid!

Hopsulator Bott’l

The Hopsulator Bott'l fits standard size U.S. 12 oz bottles. It does not fit Canadian bottles. If you'd like to double check your favorite beverage, the bottle should be either 7 3/8 or 7 5/8 inches in circumference in order to fit properly inside.

Hopsulator Juggernaut

Your Hopsulator Juggernaut holds 24 & 25 oz cans. You can also use 25oz Bomber Bottles in your Juggernaut! Note: This will not hold 500 ml cans.

Hopsulator Twist

Your Hopsulator Twist holds 16oz aluminum bottles* such as Bud Light, Budweiser, and Michelob Ultra. *The Twist DOES NOT fit Miller and Coors 16oz aluminum bottles. You'll want a Hopsulator Trio for those bottles.


How much does my Growl'r hold? The Growl'r holds 64 oz of your favorite brew! How do I use my Growl'r? Head to your local brewery and fill the Growl'r with your favorite beer and enjoy ice-cold, carbonated brews for over 48 hours.

Imperial Pint

How much does the Imperial Pint hold? The Imperial Pint holds 20 oz of your favorite beer when the lid is removed and 16 oz when the lid is on.