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Cold until the last drop!


Made for all-day hydration, without compromise. Made to follow you everywhere. Made for this.


What sets the MultiShaker apart from other shaker bottles? The MultiShaker is no ordinary shaker! This leakproof shaker will keep all of your favorite gym drinks at the perfect temperature.

ReHydration Bottle

What comes with the ReHydration Bottle? The ReHydration Bottle is our Fifth Liquor Canteen with the ReHydration Straw Lid. The two can be purchased separately or bundled. If you already have a BrüMate Fifth, you can buy the ReHydration Straw Lid.

ReHydration Mini

How much does my ReHydration Mini hold? The ReHydration Bottle can hold up to 16 oz of your favorite refueling beverages. What is included with the ReHydration Mini? It only comes with a ReHydration Straw Lid. It does not come with a leakproof cap.